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Meet Shanece: Your Content Alchemist

Passion Makes Perfect

Hey there! I'm Shanece, your go-to person for content magic.

Here's why you want me on your team:

Master Wordsmith 

I've got a knack for turning words into wonders. Whether it's punchy website copy, catchy newsletters, or even a bit of poetic flair, I've got your back.

Captain of Collaboration

Managing content and marketing squads is my jam. I make sure everyone's on the same page, bringing not just results but good vibes to the table.

Smooth Operator

From project kick-off to the final curtain call, I'm your backstage pass. Project management is my secret sauce to making things happen seamlessly.

Digital Dynamo

As a former Head of Marketing, I've pulled off some digital wizardry in my day. I boosted website traffic by over 500% in less than two years and cranked up social media engagement by a whopping 35%. Yep, I speak fluent digital.

SEO Sorcerer

Ever heard of SEO magic? I have. I've sprinkled some of that magic dust, doubling website visits with effective strategies. Your content won't just look good; it'll be Google's favorite.

Master of

My communication game is top-notch. Your message won't just be heard; it'll be felt. Let's make your brand's voice sing.

Quick on the Uptake

Look around, the business world isn’t waiting on anyone. That’s why I'm always on my toes. Adapting and learning quickly is my thing. New challenge? Bring it on.

So, if you're ready for content that not only speaks but sings, let's make some magic together at ForWordThinking with Shanece!

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