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Content Excellence for Busy Solopreneurs!

Reclaim your time, engage your audience, and boost your business?

Let's make it happen – effortlessly.

You'll gain:


Tiago S. | CEO

"Under Shan's leadership, our organic site traffic has skyrocketed over 500%. She optimized SEO and led content strategies that resulted in 500+ insightful blogs published in less than two years. Our social media engagement rates also climbed by a remarkable 35% due to her creative initiatives."

Welcome to Your Solopreneur Content Strategy Hub!

One-off one-Month Strategy

Investment: $500

Revitalize your online presence with your one-month strategy! Tailored to your brand, get the playbook for:

  • strategic content 

  • social media management

  • targeted insights for sustainable growth.

Monthly DIFY (Do It For You)

Investment: Starting at $800/month ($600 for the first month)
Supercharge your online presence with our Monthly DIFY Solopreneur Edition! Dominate platforms with: 

  • monthly strategy sessions to define your goals

  • Up to 3 targeted, SEO optimized blogs/week

  • daily supporting social media posts

  • newsletter support

  • hands-free social media engagement

  • strategic promotion

Unleash the potential of one platform, five days a week!

Monthly DIWY (Do It With You)

Investment: $300 per month
Empower your brand with your Monthly DIWY package! Turn valuable insights into a targeted content strategy. Get:

  • expert insights

  • topic guidance

  • targeted content strategy

Take control of your narrative for empowered podcasting and maximum engagement.

Solopreneur Kickstarter Special

Investment: 30 minutes free consultation, $150 initial investment for a 2-week strategy


For solo heroes!


Get your core 2-week strategy at a discounted rate of $150.


Unleash the power of expert content tailored to your unique voice and captivate your audience effortlessly.


Enjoy a targeted 2-week strategy to set your brand on the path to success.

Ready to unburden yourself from content creation stress? 

Start now and see results in weeks, not months!

Level up your digital presence!

Monetize Your Message with Shanece

Let's Craft Your Revenue-Driven Content Strategy.

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