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The Podcast Mastery Method

Turn Listeners into Leads, Episodes into Sales, and Communities into Cash Flow

You'll gain:


Tiago S. | CEO

"Under Shan's leadership, our organic site traffic has skyrocketed over 500%. She optimized SEO and led content strategies that resulted in 500+ insightful blogs published in less than two years. Our social media engagement rates also climbed by a remarkable 35% due to her creative initiatives."

Welcome to Your Podcast Content Strategy Hub!

One-off one-Month Strategy

Investment: $500
Elevate your podcast with your one-month strategy! Tailored to your brand, you get the playbook for:

  • strategic content

  • social media management

  • targeted insights for sustainable growth.

Monthly DIFY (Do It For You)

Investment: Starting at $800/month ($600 for the first month)
Transform your podcast's online presence with your Monthly DIFY Podcast Edition! Dominate platforms with: 

  • monthly strategy sessions to define your goals

  • targeted, SEO optimized shownotes for each episode 

  • daily supporting social media posts

  • newsletter support

  • hands-free social media engagement

  • strategic promotion

Accelerate your growth!

Monthly DIWY (Do It With You)

Investment: $300 per month
Maximize your podcasting potential with your Monthly DIWY package! Get:

  • expert insights

  • topic guidance

  • targeted content strategy

Take control of your narrative for empowered podcasting and maximum engagement.

Podcast Kickstarter Special

Investment: 30 minutes free consultation, $150 initial investment for a 2-week strategy


For podcast pioneers!


Kickstart your podcasting journey with your Podcast Kickstart package.

Enjoy a free 30-minute consultation and an initial investment of $150 for a targeted 2-week strategy to set your podcast on the path to success.

Multiply Your Impact: Swap Overlooked Episodes for Raving Fans. Your Path to Influence Starts Now. Ready for the Leap?

Your Podcast, Your Influence, Amplified.

Monetize Your Message with Shanece

Let's Craft Your Revenue-Driven Content Strategy.

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